16 Oct 2019

​Two weeks after a decent race in Almere, I toed the line as a professional triathlete for the very first time. Leading up to the race my nerves were controlled – I felt relaxed in a way, because as an age-grouper, I put full pressure on myself on taking the win. But n...

2 Jul 2019

18:00 Pre-race

We arrive at our hotel and enjoyed the first few hours in the lovely air conditioned rooms. We devour brownies, home-made banana/date flapjacks, peanuts, biscuits… I think our glycogen stores are topped up nicely. Mum comes back from a quick trip to the s...

9 Feb 2019

Wim van den Broek from spoke to Leanne Fanoy after her success at Ironman 70.3 Dubai. If you'd like to read the original article in Dutch here it is:

6 Jul 2017

Qualifying for Kona at IM Austria

6 Jul 2017

Ik kom net terug van de prijs uitreiking, lig in m'n bedje vermoeid maar ben nog lang niet in staat om te slapen. Alhoewel ik dat hard nodig heb na mijn slapeloze nacht. Mijn lichaam doet pijn, elke draai vergt energie en m'n benen protesteren. M'n maag rommelt en vraa...

29 Mar 2017

I started my ride full of self-doubt, and finished it with confidence and satisfaction.

I knew what was waiting for me. A session to dread - when coach writes "It's horrible and I couldn't bare to watch you suffer like this lol" in TrainingPeaks you know it's going to h...

17 Mar 2017

Do you know that feeling, when you know you're going down and there's nothing you can do anymore? Have you seen all your training sessions and hard work flash before your eyes as gravity pulls you to the unforgiving road surface? The dramatic event of a standstill cras...

15 Mar 2017

It's 9:45pm and I'm ready to go to sleep. The boat is rocking back and forth and the ropes are creaking in a rhythmic manner. It's warm inside my cabin - the warm air is blowing through the hatch but not cooling much. The weather here in Lanzarote has shifted quite sud...

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July 6, 2017

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