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Vegan Trio



All our meals prepared by our in house chef


To kickstart the day, we provide you with a large continental breakfast where you can chose how to fuel for the training that lies ahead. Porridge, eggs, bread, croissants, and plenty of fruit. And of course, unlimited coffee and tea for that morning booster! 


Our lunch is done in a self-serve manner, this gives you the freedom to choose when you eat. Baguettes will be there for you to make your own sandwich, with a wide variety of condiments such as French cheeses, ham, spreads, honey, salad, eggs, tuna mayo, and more. Make a picnic and eat at the lake, the choice is yours.

One day in your weeks stay lunch is taken at the local lake in the form of a picnic with a spread of cold pasta salads, served buffet style. Take as little or as much as you like.


Your stay with us will include 6 evening meals, consisting of a starter, main, and dessert. Our meals are nutritionally balanced and delicious, with plenty of home-grown produce. If you have any dietary requirements, let us know in advance and we will do our very best to cater allergies and intolerances. 

All evening meals come with unlimited French wine.

Cakes, snacks, and more

In the afternoon we will provide you with a nice freshly baked cake, teas, coffee or hot chocolate to treat you after your workout. 

Aperitifs and snacks will be served while we wait until dinner is ready for us. 

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Sample Menu

Salad with local goats cheese and caramalised pear 
Fillet of salmon or chicken on a bed of home grown vegetables with quinoa
Crème brûlée served with fresh strawberries from the garden
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