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"Guilt-free, self-indulgence with like-minded crazies"

Personal experience has shaped Tri-Topia to become the best training environment we can imagine, everything that we feel is essential to training and recovering is here for you.


As an experienced athlete you'll know it's the little things that make the biggest difference, and a productive week of training can have a huge impact on your season. However, only if you have the chance to fully recover from your days training will you reap the rewards of all the hard work.

During our all-inclusive weeks we remove the pressure of your every day chores, giving you the necessary free time to relax and recover. 

Enjoy a protein shake in the Jacuzzi or sauna, use the large floor space in the gym for your evening stretching or yoga, or find a quiet spot in our private gardens. 

The road surfaces and routes in the Brenne region allow you to spend time in race position and hit the required watts for your intervals. You can ride 10 to 180k without stopping for traffic lights, dodging potholes and worrying about cars. We promise it's truly the best riding for triathletes in training.

​​You have the luxury of jumping into your own private heated 25m pool or head over to a nearby lake or river. We've got all the swim toys you need and you will have plenty of space to keep your pace without interference, no one will be swimming widths. Everything has been thought about… from anti-turbulent lane ropes, to a pace clock and tempo trainers, and even inflatable marker buoys for use in the rivers and lakes.

​There's a 5-lane tartan track in Le Blanc which we can arrange for you to use, giving you the perfect opportunity to run accurate intervals at pace. We've got sign-posted run routes of varying distances and Strava routes for you to follow so that you can explore the surrounding areas without worry. ​If you are following a plan or have a coach and use us as a base then crack on - that’s exactly what Tri-topia is for. 


We don’t treat you like the guy in the tri shop who says the wetsuit you’ve spent 1 hour squeezing yourself into is the perfect fit. You’re respected as a fellow athlete and welcomed into our family, we're here to help if you ask.

Please read our guests reviews.

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