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"Best family holiday

ever - we'll be back"

We fully understand the difficulties of juggling family commitments while still finding time for your training...


Mum and Dad can train while the kids enjoy the activities on offer. Children can choose to join in with bike rides on safe, quiet country tracks away from traffic. We have trailer buggies so Mum and Dad can take a picnic to the river and get some exercise at the same time.

Group excursions can be organized. We will help you plan a trip to the zoo or monkey reserve, or enjoy a day of canoeing, horse riding, climbing and much more (this at supplementary cost). We find most families need look no further than the Tri-topia grounds.

Teens are given special attention. Are they the sporty type? Depending on their level they are encouraged to join in or team up with the other teens for some adventures of their own, the safe quite roads and trails around Tri-topia offer them freedom to explore without the parents having to worry. Tri-topia really is a utopia that everyone can enjoy.

Don't panic! Wifi is available and you don't have to train all day if you'd rather laze around. You'll find plenty of quiet places to get away from the parents :-)

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