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"To one day reach your goals, you have to enjoy the journey"

Personal experience has shaped Tri-Topia to become the best training environment we can imagine, everything that we feel is essential to training and recovering is here for you. 


You may consider yourself a beginner in the sport, but it may just be your confidence holding you back to get the most out of your training. A week at Tri-topia can make a huge difference to the way you see yourself and approach your training by having the chance to ask all the questions you may have.


For those who have yet to clip in to their pedals for the first time, can’t swim or have never swam in the open water – we’ve all been there and we’ve seen it all before. Helping people complete their ‘firsts’ is what makes our job so rewarding.

There are many other camps where the week is very structured and some may get left behind, this can make for a miserable experience and is highly unproductive.

Your weekly long run might be 30min, to someone else it might be 2h30. We will make sure your training suits your current fitness and ability and provide you with advice regarding pacing, distance, and training zones. You could even do a VO2 test with us to establish your training zones and make the most out of your future training.


Never used a heart rate monitor before? We will give you the opportunity to use different gadgets such as heart rate monitors and turbo trainers with power. For the swim we’ve got many toys for you to try out and play with and we will be happy to explain the purpose of each one. We will show you how to train smart – more is not necessarily better and we’ll have evening talks to teach you about structuring training. Other talks will range from nutritional advice to the importance of recovery and injury prevention, tyre changes and bike maintenance. Is there anything else you’re interested in learning more about? Just ask and we’ll do our best to cover everything.


We have highly experienced coaches on site who are happy to give you the individual attention you need. If you’re new to swimming or hoping to improve your stroke, we will spend plenty of one-on-one time with you to give you the attention you deserve. If you’re looking to do your first open water swim, we have plenty of places to take you where you’ll feel safe and gain the confidence needed. Calm rivers and clear lakes, with shallow or deep entry options. Our support kayak will ensure your safety and there will always be an experienced swimmer in the water with you. Although the water is warm enough to swim without a wetsuit, you will have the opportunity to practice for your wetsuit-legal races and get comfortable in your neoprene. 


The quiet, smooth roads and courteous drivers give you the perfect opportunity to ride safely. Although we always have a variety of levels during our weeks, we have enough staff to make sure there are pace and distance options to suit each athlete. You will not be left behind!


We have plenty of sign posted runs routes of varying distances to suit your training needs and the 400m track in Le Blanc is the ideal place to learn pacing and run on times.

Please read our guests reviews.

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