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Vichy 2014 not my year...

What’s happened in the last couple weeks since my last post, well I was going to be checked for respiratory problems so I could get my health sorted and crack on with training for Vichy.

But life had other ideas and I’m now having to blog about something that makes me uncomfortable its very personal and pretty embarrassing. It may help some one else who finds themselves in my situation so here goes.

It started with a water infection and I thought nothing of it and carried on as best I could, I was feeling under the weather and training was becoming sporadic. When I say sporadic I mean I missed a session and life wasn’t worth living. This went on for about a week.

On my training plan I had an easy 13 mile run to do, my stomach was feeling awful I had cramps and was expecting an uncomfortable run, however I can’t miss a training session I would become unfit and we can’t have that. So I dragged my self out the door and managed to keep it easy and clocked a 1:34 half marathon not bad for an easy run with a tummy ache. When I stopped it felt like someone had took a running kick to my balls I was bent over double and flagged over a neighbour to drive me home. Not one to over react I stumbled indoors and told Sam I may be dying and and needed to go to the Doctors urgently. She ran me a hot bath and told me it just a water infection, I lay in the bath thinking every thing sinister I could, I goggled sore balls and that was it I had something awful.

Ok cutting the last 2 weeks short I have had various tests including urine and blood, the results pointed to prostate cancer and I was convinced that was it. I returned to the docs with my results in a very solemn mood. I had ecoli in my urine sample and it had basically passed to my prostate this it turned out had probably been going on for some time maybe even years. And would explain the flu like symptoms during winter and the nightly visits to the bathroom, with the baby waking us up every night I had just thought it normal to use the loo when woken.

I now feel in limbo I have to take a cause of antibiotics for a month then return to see if my PSA levels are normal this would rule out Prostate cancer for sure but for the minute I’m pretty worried, even though the Doc is 99% sure its an illness called Prostisis.

So there we go poor me, the worst thing is not being able to train properly every time I do a hard session I’m left exhausted and dizzy, could be the antibiotics or just the infection they’re trying to fight.

I have still to check out my respiratory issues but I suppose once I’ve had this done then I’ve had a full MOT.

Vichy is still on the cards, I have been training but not managing the hard interval sessions very well, so not all is lost, today is the 10 mile TT so watch this space.

Oh and do as I say not as I do if you are feeling poorly take rest and don’t worry about training the body needs to recover


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