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Drama Queen

Do you know that feeling, when you know you're going down and there's nothing you can do anymore? Have you seen all your training sessions and hard work flash before your eyes as gravity pulls you to the unforgiving road surface? The dramatic event of a standstill crash happened today. From the outside I think I acted quite calm and undramatic, but I'll give you a little insight to what went on in my head.

Session done, tail wind back now. Let me just clip in and roll home.

Oh hold on, don't lose you balance. No, like really, you've got to come the other way now.

Uh oh. Too late.

Eventhough it must have only been a split moment between losing my balance from this little puff of wind and hitting the ground, a million things went on in my head.

I'm actually falling… I can't believe it! I have a RACE in a week's time!! What am I going to break? How badly am I gonna be hurt? Will I even be able to race?

Here comes the tarmac. OUCH. Oh no it's not done yet. Ahhh sliding over tarmac hurts. Aaand there comes the bike.. Ouch.

I hit the ground with a pretty lound BANG together with an awkward grunt of pain, anger, and disbelief.

Okay it's done now. What have I hurt? Am I okay? Can I get up? IS MY BIKE OKAY? DID ANYONE SEE THIS?

I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed my unfortunate 'crash'. In the distance I saw someone coming a bit closer, and wondered if he'd noticed me go down. I figured I should just get on and go, quickly before the guy would catch up and realize what had happened. But when I tried clipping in, the crank just spun in circles without any resisstance.

You're kidding. I broke the crank. I cannot BELIEEEVE it. I've actually broken my crank. Oh wait, the chain's come off. Maybe that's why it's so loose.

I put the chain back on and voila, I'd fixed my 'broken' bike.

I got back on, clipped in succesfully this time and started turning the pedals. Every movement came with a different worry.

What's that little niggle on the outside of my knee? I've done it now. I've started an injury. Okay it's eased off. Wait, is that my hamstring tightening up? Oh no, I think my right quad might be cramping.

Did I ruin my 3PeaksCoaching jersey?????

I came home to Magic Dragon, lifted my Dassi onto the deck and gave her another inspection. A new scratch on the seat, but that seemed to be all. Meanwhile my knee was now a bit sore but it was still in once piece and I was finally beginning to believe I had come out of my clumsy but highly dramatic event unhurt.


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