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Training's made easy with everything onsite 




swim every morning in our private 25m pool


ride on smooth and quiet roads

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choose trails or local 400m track


Our 25m heated pool is yours to use, whether you want to do your own session or follow one from a coach. ​We also have some beautiful open water swimming right on our doorstep. Situated in the Brenne National Park, the region is known for its 'mille étanges' or ‘thousand lakes’. We also live right by the river “L’Anglin”, where athletes can do an accurately timed swim with the help of our buoys and safety kayak.


​The smooth, quiet, French roads will take you along bright sunflower fields, past lakes, and through forests. With little traffic and pot hole-free tarmac, it gives you the chance to log in some great miles on the 'aerobars' or long intervals to train at race pace. Whether you would like to have a leisurely ride with a cake and coffee stop in one of the beautiful medieval villages or attempt a 10 mile time trial, we will guide you in the right direction.


​Our sign posted run routes will take you through the corn and sunflower fields. Choose your desired distance and go explore…early mornings are the best time for deer-spotting! For more structured running sessions, we can take you to the 400m track in Le Blanc, hill sessions or kilometer repeats just down the road. We are here to help you make the most out of your week!

open Weeks at Tri-Topia

As well as running our usual training camps throughout the season, we also have open weeks where our accommodation and facilities are available to be booked out for the week at a much reduced rate. We believe our venue is perfect if you're a team looking for the perfect training camp or whether you're just looking for a cheaper stay.

Those looking for a more rounded Tri-Topia experience are invited to our fully coached weeks where our coaches are on hand throughout your stay to offer guidance and tips where needed. Coaching will be available in all three discplines and is of huge benefit to beginners and experts.

More info about our packages

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