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NON-training Partners

"You like what you see but how to convince the other half..?"

“I wasn't sure about accompanying my partner on a training camp, so pleased I did, great company and I wasn't the only one not training” - Caron Shickle (guest 2016)

Tri-Topia offers you a real holiday with the time to experience the simple things our busy lives make so difficult to enjoy. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent food and excellent hospitality, a fantastic service that only a small family company can give. You won't be the only guest who's not doing all the training. Over the years we have found more and more athletes returning with their partners for a holiday, showing off the little paradise in rural France they've found.

You are welcome to take part in any of the activities on offer during the day, the staff are always happy to take you to town for a coffee and French cakes or show you the sites. All the facilities are here for you to use at any time. Sauna, Jacuzzi, pool, massage... you're one of the guests so please make yourself at home.

There are many things to do in the surrounding area, inlcuding activities such as canoeing, climbing, horse riding, and more. Just ask and we'll point you in the right direction.  

Or simply relax with a book.

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