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A huge thanks to all our guest for visiting and supporting TriTopia over the years.


Here are some of your kind comments from our visitors book.


If ever someone asked for a definition of hard work, effort, and the associated rewards, Tri-topia is it! A truly very special place. The epitome of simple, delicious food, easy going company, relaxation and spirited enthusiasm is evident all around. Thank you very very much for filling in the gaps missing from my training and relaxation. Hopefully Lee has a useful week training chasing me around on the bike.

Matthew Hartley

Another beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable week at La Vallee. The pool tips the place off beautifully. Fantastic week again, hope to be back in Easter 2013.

Stephany Hulford

What can I say? I've had a fantastic week, great company, great food. And best of all, unlimited supply of red wine. Remember Wendy the Winer. See ya next year. Oh yeah, the training wasn't that bad either.

Wendy Crockford

A big thank you for such a great week. Please let it be known that I won the very first Tri-topia triathlon in 54:15. I also claim the Bradley bends in Merigny. Finally, please don't tell my trainer that I ate chocolate cake.

Bradley Smith #38

Enjoyed our second time back at Tri-topia. Great company, fab food. Nothing is too much trouble. Soon Tri-topia will be a huge triathlon success. Keep up the hard work, Ironmate Mark

Ironmate Mark

We expected to enjoy our trip, but never expected to be it so wonderful. The setting was just idyllic, a mass of lakes, maze of roads, amazing food, wonderful hospitality, terrific coaching, the warmest of welcomes, the best cakes, and very comfortable surroundings. Thank you for everything. The tips and advice and company make a million.

Alison Rankin

We've had a fantastic week and thank you for all the help and advice. It's been brilliant, being able to train without having to come home and think about cooking and shopping. A real treat and we will definitely be telling our friends back home. Best wishes and luck to you all. Steven and Gillian

Gillian and Steven McAlister

Thanks for a great week, if everybody has had as good a week asa I've had, you'll have a lot of satisfied visitors. All the best for the season. Cheers, Julian.

Julian Middlewick

Dear Sam and Lee, I've had a great stay, clocking more than 20 hours of training. If I make my first Ironman this year, it sure builds on Lee's tips and training. Thanks for the great week.

Willem Kerstholt

The name says it all - a true triathlete's utopia. The facilities for swim bike and run only surpassed by the hospitality and generosity of Sam and Lee. Thank you so much for an amazing week and I'll be back for sure.

John Franklin

What a lovely time I've had here, a perfect mix of hard training and relaxation. Highlights were the river swims and the delicious food. Also, proud to have invented the "roll around in the nettles" challenge before our hilly bike reps. Rachel x

Rachel Walmsley

Thanks guys for an amazing week of hard-core training, for Lee and Duncan anyway for me it was a breeze!! you've been chicked xxx

Suzanne Green

Thanks guys I had a great week in the French country side. Special thanks for teaching me how to swim. I did see the look of despair on your face after my first attempt. But I've come a long way, thanks for all your help. Good luck with all the plans. Love, Kirsten.

Kirsten Vredenburg

Thanks for a great week. Loads of training tips to take away. And a special thanks for taking care of the poorly girl. See you all soon. Terry and Gina xx

Gina and Terry Stanley

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